Once every two weeks we provide organizations around the world with our unique business-innovation boosters, for internal circulation. Join us! 

Enterprise Licensing

Get licensed to share our business-innovation challenges across the organization.

Share them your way, using your tools and processes.  

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Same challenge, worldwide

Once every two weeks we will provide you with a business-innovation challenge, that employees around the world are encouraged to take. All receive the same challenge simultaneously and have one month to consider it, and trigger invaluable contribution to their workplaces.

What’s behind our challenges?

Employees of all levels are the most crucial element to innovation success. Corpocheck’s challenges are designed to empower them, engage them, and systematically help them spark fresh ideas for pushing profitability and growth in their workplace. The challenges are based on extensive academic research and cover a specific range of strategies for systematically maintaining profitable growth as a routine. 

These challenges help organizations maintain responsiveness to the ever-changing business conditions, and re-evaluate their practices, policies, offering, technological opportunities, advantages, channels and strategy. Take advantage of it!

Use it your way!

Enterprise licensing allows you to share such challenges internally, across the organization, or with any selected group of staff members. It also allows you to use your own format for sharing such challenges, adapt them to your needs, and add your own managerial message. These challenges also make great topics for routine group meetings, and brainstorming sessions. Then, fresh ideas can be validated and promoted in accordance with the organizational process in place. 

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